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Cd Rom Sciacca Agrigento Sicilia Aliblu Italia

Cd Rom Sciacca Agrigento Sicilia Aliblu Italia

Aliblu Italia

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  The Carnival where it enters from curious visitor and it exits transformed in main actor, without neanche unexpectedly noticing you of the change in a moment meetings attracted to you from the festivity like if all at once it watched only you and it waited for a your gesture, yours marks them... your fantasy in order to continue. E' difficult to explain as in the years the Carnival of Sciacca is successful to be involved therefore a lot and therefore much people that often ignoring the fascination, expects something gia seen, something of... expectable euphoria and instead it is found again happily been involved without not to notice any. The hours slide are passed from the afternoon to the night without not to have a moment of pause in order to think next to the time. And therefore, between a wagon, a miniwagon, a masked group, a group to the continuation, between single masks that next pass of wonderful invoice and above all much sympathy to you, you will watch the astonished clock remaining of like the time if it has gone some via.

Map Photo del Carnival of Sciacca Venerof 2004

Map Photo of Carnival of Sciacca Sabato 2004

Map Photo del Carnival of Sciacca Domenica 2004 - A

Map Photo del Carnival of Sciacca Domenica 2004 - B

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